General Training

We can address just about any problems your pet is facing. 

 From the basics :

  • Sitting
  • Staying
  • Coming when called
  • Leave it
  • Drop it 

 To the more intermediate: 

  • No jumping
  • No mouthing
  • No pulling
  • Barking 

And even to the more advanced:

  • Go to your spot
  • Coming with distractions
  • Staying with the door open 

Let our trainers show you just what your dog is capable of doing! We can even teach some fun bonus tricks; roll over, play dead, maybe even how to put their toys away!

We can even work on desensitizing your dog to getting their nails clipped or ground, or their teeth, or even themselves, brushed. All our training is personalized to you and your pet’s specific needs!