Heather Luethy
Lead Trainer

Heather Is one of the company founders. Having been in the dog industry for years, from Pet sitting and walking to managing boarding facilities.

 Hi! My name is Heather Luethy, and dogs and everything about them are pretty much my entire life. Ive had dogs as long as I can remember, from the biggest, our old Great Dane Russ, to the smallest a chihuahua named Taz.

 I currently have three dogs! I have my pit mix Gabriel, my Corgi- Castiel and Raphael, my three legged border collie!

 My earliest memory there has always been a dog in my life. So, naturally, I grew up and into the dog community. Growing up I was convinced I wanted to be a veterinarian. Though as time pressed on I realized it takes a certain type of person to do that. I don’t have the heart for the sick and injured pups. So I’ll leave that to them. 

 Moving on I started dog sitting and dog walking, then I did in home dog training for a long time. After that, I took on a role working directly with dogs at a boarding and day care facility for dogs. I was part of the management staff, but really, I wanted to do more, I wanted to revisit what I was doing before, I wanted to continue training. 

 Being so ingrained in the dog community you hear all the stories, from rescue to adoption. Inspiring stories and sad ones.... each new dog owner wondering why someone would give up such a great dog.... 

 Now many things happen when people give up their dogs to a shelter, and there are a lot of factors, but the biggest reason, is behavioral.

want to make a difference. I want to show people you can train your dog, you don’t have to give up.  I want to be there through your dogs life and help you through the steps! I want to see your pup succeed and I want you to be happy!

 Give me a chance, and give your dog a chance! Let me show you what your dog can do!